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Friday, April 13, 2012

Indymedia Her Majesty's Mong in Occupied Ireland

Her Majesty's Mong in Occupied Ireland

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Ghengis Khan Rides Again with Mong Paterson Occupied Ireland
During a debate in the House of Commoners sometime ago an elite horsey set Tory and now her Majesty's unelected Secretary of Occupied Ireland, Owen Paterson, likened supporters of legislation to ban cruel foxhunting to Nazis.
Her Majesty's Ghengis Khan Cruelty Occupied Ireland
Her Majesty's Ghengis Khan Cruelty Occupied Ireland
During a debate in the House of Commoners sometime ago an elite horsey set Tory and now her Majesty's unelected Secretary of Occupied Ireland, Owen Paterson, likened supporters of legislation to ban cruel foxhunting to Nazis. He claimed only 'honest, decent' people went hunting and the alternatives of trapping and snaring were 'hideously cruel'. A ban would do terrible damage to sheep farmers, he said.

Paterson argued hunts drew young people into a 'social network that will last all their lives. Before they troop through the politically correct lobby, brimming with self-righteous bile and spiteful prejudice, they should remember the unhappy precedent of 1936 when the revolting Reichsjaeger Hermann Goering persuaded Hitler to ban hunting." That's right Paterson and Hitler didn't smoke either ! do you ?

"We should not create criminals lightly. No-one gained in Germany then. No-one will now. A ban will be an ominous portent of further freedoms to be lost at the hands of an intolerant majority." Tell that to Marian Price ! Oh compassionate hypocrisy, of the horsey set or Paterson himself, who has seen more foxes being ripped apart by a load of hounds than even Brian Faulkner. Perhaps he might change his mind, if he had a pack of dogs chowing his own knackers off. At least Hitler was a vegetarian, unlike Paterson the Fuhrer of Occupied Ireland, who also dictates internment with torture and without trial. Last Summer this insane, autocratic, sociopath, took himself off to one of the last places on Earth, where sadistic fox hunting is still legal, Outer Mongolia!

Modern sources, say the recognizable feature of a participant in the Mongol world of the most gruelling horse race, is the stench of the riders. No doubt in the instance of Owen Paterson, his hypocrisy on Hitler and quoting his beloved Churchill, who himself described internment without trial as odious, he contributed enormously to the stench. Amir Khuzru a Persian poet described Paterson and his cronies thus; Their eyes are so narrow and piercing that they might bore a hole in steel and their rotten smell more horrible than even the sight of their bodies covered in lice, like sesame growing on a bad soil. Their bodies unsurprisingly are also covered with insects, in this instance carrion.

Paterson and his Mongs eat dogs, horses, foxes, rats, mice, lice and the afterbirth when their mares foal. Mongols cut off an ear from each dead enemy. After a battle in Poland in 1241, they collected nine large sacks of ears and sent them back to Genghis, as proof of victory. One cannot help but wonder if Paterson intends to collect the ear of the interned, censored, tortured Marian Price in British Occupied Ireland for his extended Aristocratic, horsey, Tory family.

Like the British aristocracy that Paterson married into, Mongs often learned how to ride before they learned how to walk. Often with cruelty riding horse 60 miles a day like certain sadistic, British aristocrat foxhunters in Occupied Ireland. Indeed one of their proteges Brian Faulkner introduced internment without trial which started the 40 years of ensuing troubles in Ireland, which apparently Paterson's bout of British kidnapping of anyone Irish and his re-introduction of internment without trial again intends to surpass with his fox hunter cultivated, craven blood lust. Like the Mongols, Faulkner and Paterson use state terror and cruelty as a weapon of subjugation of the native irish

Like Paterson the Mongs employed the " Fear Factor of Cruelty " for example in Persia a Mong captured a man but had no sword to kill him. He ordered the man to lie down without moving, while he went and got a sword. Like a lot of her Majesty's commoners today, the man was so terrified, he actually lay there until the Mong came back and beheaded him. When Mongs conquered a city, citizens were slaughtered by impaling, others were forced to watch as Mongs like the sick Paterson, systematically raped the young women, boys and nuns. In Syria they punished a leader, feeding him with pieces of flesh cut and forcibly fed to him until he died similar to the force feeding of Marian Price for 200 days not too long ago. All of this Paterson cruelty, is calculated and used to spread state terror; not just as as a punishment, sometimes it is revenge but never without a reason.

Dictator Paterson apes Genghis Khan's tactics, who built an empire with fear in campaigns with the death of over 40 million people mercilessly, killing boys and and kidnapping women like Marion Price. Genghis Khan said: "The greatest happiness is to vanquish your enemies, to chase them before you, to rob them of their wealth, to see those dear to them bathed in tears, to clasp to your bosom their wives and daughters." Science supports this claim with a map of the Y chromosmes in Euro/Asia having a prevalence of 1/500 of all males directly related to him today.

Today's British gung-ho version of  Genghis Khan is the unelected englishman Owen Patterson, the Queen's Secretary of state for British Occupied Ireland, Last summer he rode for some 40 days for14 hours on much abused ponies with cruelty, from swinger, swapping stations three times daily, where he would sleep on the floor under carcasses of butchered goats, eating goat gristle and sour yak milk. His motto to keep this insanity and cruelty going to the extreme was, "Keep Buggering On ! which concerns many as to the true extent of the abuse and cruelty of the ponies.

Naturally today all decent evolved humans are disgusted with Paterson and his Mong tactics of kidnapping, state terror, censorship and torture. All except his beloved Royal Army Rangers and the disgraced UDR whose military tactics, formation and cruelty has been aped down to the last drop of blood. These are the ones to this very day egg him on as provocation for another 40 years of British mayhem in Occupied Ireland.

The thesaurus and Urban dictionary describe his type of "MONG"  as retard, idiot, spaz, spastic, stupid, fool, spacker, ugly, spack, moronming, minger, monged, monging tard, phucktard, muppet and more...

"1.Mong1492 up, 398 down
Adj. Lacking in physical and cerebal ability. General retardation.
Generally: a total spastic

1. (Mong)- Slang for spastic, but used against a person who says or does something completely idiotic by accident or without realisation. This makes every witness simultaneously raise their hands to their shoulders and shake 'em while sticking their tongue in their lower lip and making 'urrgh' noises.

2. (Monged)- A vegetive state of mind/being usually effective after consuming large quantities of alcohol, weed, lsd, ecstacy etc or combinations of.

1. Steve you mong, you've just poured the kettle onto ya cornflakes.

2. Steve's well monged after we spiked his drink with acid, muhahahaha.


The modern Mong is a total phuckwit, who deserves nothing less than complete humiliation for their idiocy. That includes all those dope smokers too, who relate being 'monged' to being chilled and mellow. Its because when they're stoned and act like a phucking retard, you phucking spazzes!

Derogatory verb commonly used to describe the state of one's lack of common sense.
1) You are such a phucking mong.

another word for spastic or retard some other ways of saying this would be

Short for mongrel. "

All of this Mong Paterson cruelty is nurtured from a very young age when at their very first foxhunt, as children they are blooded into evil sadism, after a fox is ripped apart by the hounds and its warm, bloody, entrails wiped by children on each others faces, to introduce them to the sadistic world that the dictator Paterson so stoutly defends. This is what Paterson meant when he argued in the House of Commoners, when he stated, "hunts drew young people into a 'social network that will last all their lives." The proof of it is the internment of Marian Price without trial in Ireland by Paterson, supported by horsey Tory "social network" in England and its mentored sectarian Orange bedfellows in British Occupied Ireland.
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