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Friday, July 24, 2009


Fascism whether it be the German form of Hitler, Italian form Of Mussolini, Spanish form of Franco, Russian form of Stalin, Brit form of MI5 BBC are essentially the same. Fascism is a religion of Empire state. It invades by stealth the organic unity of the body politic and brainwashes a people, to a leader attuned to supposedly embody the will of the people. It is totalitarian and holds that any action by the leader is justified, to achieve the common good. It takes responsibility away from the people for all aspects of their lives and seeks to impose uniformity of thought and action, whether by censorship, indoctrination, propaganda, force, regulation and social pressure. Everything must be aligned with its objectives. Any rival identity or questioning, is part of the “problem” and therefore defined as the enemy.

Adolf Hitler didn’t smoke, like any MI5 BBC closet fascists, hiding their right-wing ideology, while winning hearts and minds, he named his fascists, the National Socialist German Workers Party. It is also worth remembering, particularly at this time, that in the 1920s and 1930s, fascist dictators, like Benito Mussolini of Italy and Hitler in the early days of their regimes in Germany and Italy in the 1930s, were not considered to be cold-blooded killers, but visionary statesmen, who believed that the state and its experts could rationally solve all problems.

This was at that time called the 'Third Way', also expounded lately by our late, beloved and glorious MI5 cultivated leaders, Tony Blair and Margaret Thatcher. Which takes us directly to the politics of the third way, in Britain today. Anyone who disagree or questions it, is labelled a "fascist". The worst perpetrator of this insult to our intelligence, you won’t be surprised to read, is the BBC, which routinely uses the word “fascist", either without having any idea what it means, or because it is happy to use the word as a form of PC abuse, to excuse its feral censorship. Get ready to hear the fascist MI5 BBC, America !

DO IT !, because MI5 BBC knows best, and because Auntie said so !

MI5 BBC creates first with its world service, dumbed down wits, who are then told in the nicest possible way of course, how to be civilized in the organized Brutish way. Slash your alcohol consumption, drive slower and save the world from climate change, while subliminally telling citizens of other countries to trash their own culture, in order make their own enterprise feel more at home and safe, from restless natives. Today their stooge is the MI5 appointee Prime Minister Gordon Brown, the control freak’s, control freak, like his predecessors Blair and Thatcher, brownspeak is once more the mantra of the day.

Britain with it colonial experience and special relationship (W.A.S.P.) secretly helped organize the first modern fascist state in America, instigating the use of the Sedition Acts of 1917 and 1918 to end criticism of government policy. British agents in the 1920's, came up with alcohol prohibition,loyalty oaths, eugenics and state capitalism. Following the Wall Street Crash in 1929, brainwashing or brainfilthing to be precise, with much used military metaphors to re-ignite the American economy in the 1930s. The British worked with the American President of the time, organizing the use of massive militaristic parades (Nuremberg style) to enable further brainfilthing.

The British using their experience in the colonies, helped organize government goons to smash down doors to impose domestic policies. G-men were treated like media demigods, as they spied on the plain people's dissidents. British captains of industry wrote the rules by which America was governed at thE time. They secretly taped conversations, used the postal service to punish enemies, and taught American politicians how to lie repeatedly to their own people, in order to manoeuvre the United States into a war to protect the British form of fascism in Europe. The patriotism of anybody who opposed the economic programmes or the war itself, was questioned. They helped create the military-industrial fascist complex, that is destroying the lives OF ordinary people's families today.

Today, MI5 BBC spout all sorts of prattle, just like Mein Kampf did, replete with concentration camp type fascism, sometimes camouflaged in a softer veneer, which couches unmistakeably its fascist fist of steel in a velvet glove. We in Ireland remember well their Concentration camps in Ireland at Long Kesh and now in Derry. Yes, moderators sound much better that censors but it is still rampant brutal censorship, like the book burners in Munich. "First you burn the word and then you burn people" not just burning the plain people of Ireland but citizens worldwide, including its very own commoner licence payers. Yes their over-the-top claims for children and their rights and counter-productive slogans still mask a dogma with a record that shows one of the world's worst childcare records.

With the help of their CIA colleagues and BBC America we may well ask who is the next fuehrer being groomed with their buddies in Fox right now ?. Believe me native American, your ancestors were absolutely correct. MI5 BBC speak, with forked tongues. They promise protection from their self created threat of terrorism, their latest version of their colonial perfected policies of divide and conquer. MI5 BBC will then promise the compromise in the name of your security, while your rights to a quality life are squandered away for the magical illusions, created by the eternal wars of these "Securocrats" and BBC doctored spin merchants.

The BBC itself still struggle however, as its journalists are running short of ideas on how to cover positively, their eternal wars of aggression against the dwindling number of countries left, which its special partnership is currently attacking. How and where to get any ideas, any clues? Another beautifully rapped fascist bone to throw their commoners, even if it is taken from its dusty old filthy rotten empire files, for another success story, using its insidiously crafted and treacherous propaganda, fashioned from its endless never ending empire wars.

They constipate, meditate and regurgitate, on how to defend the un-defendable? How to present their latest war crimes as a success stories!. How to weave and spin lies into half-truths. The BBC editors demand all of their rookie reporters to write about what has been achieved, without being gloomy and negative, or they will be bullied, or lose their job. The special relationship with Wall street wants to sell yet another war, against ordinary plain people and the BBC MI5 czars will sell it but first they must demonize ordinary plain people.

They search for their carrion like desperate ravenous dogs, fighting and gnawing at each other, for some possible remains in her Majesty's filthy streets, looking for waste and rubbish to survive on. Desperate for any positive on its latest campaign of organized murder, like feral dogs roaming the streets, presenting their rubbish and filth to satisfy their MI5 masters. They are ridiculous in their enslavement to their MI5 warlords and their lucrative war business. It is common knowledge to all and sundry, even the real dogs on her Majesty's filthy streets, that BBC journalists work in reality for MI5 secret warlords. Brown, Blair and Thatcher all groomed by them.

Still the BBC's bullying editors and pundits believe that there are no other sources of information except themselves. They still imagine that truthful stations like Aljazeera don't exist or can be flattened and all of their reporters assassinated or imprisoned. The BBC homepage with its columns of poison, feed their created power struggle of divide and conquer in Iraq and Ireland. The BBC is also a travel agent, a one way travel agent for their latest war with their special partnership addicted to yet another war Afghanistan. Will they tell their commoners what happened the last time they were in Afghanistan? No definitely not, they desperately need more cannon fodder.

War, War, War.War..... while their journalists never quit their hotel rooms and parrot, what their military press officers tell them, verbatum, be it Baghdad, Belfast or Kabul. The green zone and Europa Hotel were bombed almost daily and the BBC journalists still talked about tourists visiting Sumerian remnants in Ur and climbing the Ziggurat of the Chaldeans or the Giants causeway while their gangsters and murderers in army uniforms, obliterate women and children to create just another military base.

Unbelievable? repeated again today in Afghanistan, with remote control drones perfected by Israel, to sanitize the never ending worldwide genocide of innocent "collateral damage". The MI5 BBC journalist meantime bullied by an editor, requiring every single day, some good positive spin on its latest murderous campaign.

The commoner's licence fee, paying for a BBC reporter, or to be precise MI5 full time employee, didn't tell us that the barbarians in uniform have now killed 1.3 miillion civilians, mostly women and children in Iraq or that they destroyed the sites of an ancient Babylon culture, or banned all Gaelic speaking spokespersons of the people of Ireland or that the very walls of the III millennium BC Ziggurat, just like the walls of occupied Ireland, were sullied by their uniformed yobs with porn graffiti., with their MI5 BBC embedded reporters.

Who the hell are you kidding MI5 BBC? Who besides your licence paying commoners are you taking for a ride next, while flying your butcher's apron and MI5 BBC flagship from the middle ages? What feces are you writing next?, we have other sources to check your hallucinating and delirious journalism, as you try to enforce your censorship worldwide, in you litany of obedient compliant former colonial states.

MI5 BBC fascist propaganda to divide, to rule, to promote their third way, to plunder the world with their marauding brutal uniformed murdering gangsters, while selling them as peacemakers, amid their manufactured divisions of racism and sectarianism, fostered with their couched propaganda, crafted by liars!

Try to convince the world, BBC, that you are not profoundly racists or that you have not cultivated this with your worldwide service.! With your Irish, Islamic, Chinese, Indian, Pakistani, African Jokes ! These people who visit you, they laugh at your second-rate journalism and third class propaganda. Your lies are so flagrant and your so called analysis are so ideologically shallow, that most intelligent people who enter your site, overseas, check up on your lies and ridicule you. Have Your Say, a superficial pathetic sop and an utter waste of time. Writers from all over the world are suppressed, banned and censored on a totally fascist scale, on the pretext of a balanced point of view. In fact nothing contrary to MI5 BBC fascist ideology is allowed. Pretending to talk about different opinions and views or neutral journalism, is just a white elephant of the MI5 BBC fascist agenda.

Irish and Iraqi resistance revealed to the world the real face of the BBC and unmasked their patent hypocrisy. Remember the outrageous BBC reports from Fallujah or Derry on Bloody Sunday ?. There we saw the true values of the special relationship, when their journalists were spouting daylight lies, enabling the wholesale slaughter of civilians, while they were embedded with their barbarian war criminals. Remember the actors hired to fake Irish spokespeople censored. When it comes to killing or looting, the values of the "civilized" MI5 BBC suddenly become clear and show their real brutal viperous fangs. When it comes to Ireland all dissidents are censored, an essential part of the Peace process scrapped as it declares war once again on the plain people of Ireland.

Media like MI5 BBC is ugly, really ugly, without any scruples whatsoever they are military press whores, brainfilthers, yes as in filth! Brainfilth with a 'h' to be precise, as they teach our children, that murder in uniform is heroic, that they should grow up to be warriors and drop tons of bombs, on sleeping "terrorist" babies from a saf distance of 30,000 ft so that their "security forces" can keep you safe. As they force our youth back onto the streets, as the only form of expressing resistance, to their age old war on the Irish people.

Meanwhile on a totally unrelated matter Hollywood has been chosen for MI5's largest base of operation outside the BBC in London. Coincidence or Plan B ? No, its Hollywood in the Northern part of occupied Ireland actually, where they will always be guaranteed to have a supporting fascist fanbase, that was cultivated by decades of their Brutish Brainfilth.

So much for the idea that Britain was somehow neutral towards the six counties or has no selfish intent in Ireland ! as part of the peace process ?

So much for the end of MI5 BBC censorship, which was supposed to end, as part of the Peace Process?

Ach ! here we go, all over again !

Perfidious Albion has reneged once again!

A culture of Eternal War !

MI5 BBC does not want Peace !

Not in Ireland, Not Anywhere !



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