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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Adams and McGuinness Asked to Resign in Ireland

A Chairde,

Many republicans, myself included, subscribed to the view of achieving a 32 county republic first and then developing a Socialist Republic later. It seemed at the time that we had not the luxury of time for a proper debate on socialism and it would create further possible divisions. With the benefit of hindsight this would now be recognized by most as a serious mistake, hindering the development of a truly accountable liberation leadership in the learning curve of struggle.

The primary part of British strategy always in Ireland and elsewhere has been, divide and conquer. Wheteher we like it or not, we must admit they have been extremely successful at it. We must try and unite as far as possible, still keeping basic principles of Republicanism and Socialism, because as we have witnessed over and over, united we stand, divided we fall.

One of the basic tenets of republicanism is equality, which is simply not possible under any form of monarchy, a system based on inherited privilege, hence McGuinness as an acting minister of the British monarchy in Ireland, is irrelevant to the future progressive development of Ireland. He is however along with most of his colleagues, another reminder, of the absence in developing a truly revolutionary political leadership with revolutionary policies in the course of a struggle. Both are equally important to the struggle itself, for two principal reasons. Developing proper leadership and policies for the success of any revolution in the interests of its ordinary citizens and working people.

Ruairi O'Bradaigh during the course of the struggle used to talk of a particularly Irish form of socialism, which the left in general never gave serious consideration and which hindered the development of truly revolutionary leadership colleagues, who were busy with the day to day immediacy of a guerrilla war with Britain, forgetting the true interests of ordinary people in Ireland during the course of struggle. Adams and McGuinnese now speak of a vague form of pink socialism which is frankly an embarrassment, to more than 30 years of struggle. It has not been properly developed and it is simply for populist purposes, in the pseudo politic of a corporate media driven illusion of democracy and the consumerism of immediate individual greed.

There are several indications however in the 21st century, that O'Bradaigh's Irish form of socialism may have been after all a correct analysis. After the recent collapse of the international money markets, it has become much clearer to more people that the pyramid of capitalism, as Marx explained, does have a point of in-built collapse. It is important that Irish Republicans recognize that it is not a question of choice but the inevitable progression of the greed of globalization. Like the many lessons of another failed republican leadership in our struggles of the past, it is important that the historical lessons of socialism elsewhere are honed and developed, so that we have a truly revolutionary leadership in place, at critical points in our history, to protect the interests of ordinary working people, to prevent further exploitation by colonialism, neo-colonialism or international banking in Ireland.

It is important that we recognize this as part of our development, that none of us has a monopoly on the solution, indeed that we in Ireland need to unite with other international movements of liberation. We must surrender our ego's in debate in a united search for solutions and in a spirit of comradely learning what are truly progressive solutions. We do not have the luxury of personal attacks or years of bickering and division, as a distraction from the goals of removing both colonialism and corporate fascism from Ireland. There is a balance between principled policies and sticking together to defeat our enemies. It is imperative for our success.

When McGuinness publicly referred to other long standing principled republicans and socialists as traitors, it was confirmation of his lack of leadership qualities at this critical times. We simply cannot afford the luxury of such wild public inflammatory statements from any quarter.

He should retire immediately before he does anymore damage to Ireland and its people. Adams publicly stated wishy/washy pink socialism for the promotion of career politicos, is a disaster for Ireland at this critical time. Again I would ask them both to retire immediately for the greater good, so that we can all try to wish them well without creating any further ill feeling or division.

I believe that the majority of those actually engaged in the struggle itself, as opposed to some recent political recruits for careerist purposes, at expense of the ordinary Irish people, would support my statement. I say this with the utmost respect for all principled republicans and socialists from whatever quarter, in the interests of a genuine united liberation movement of the people, for the people.

I present the following link as a basis for discussion on the way forward in Ireland.

Beir Bua

Brian O'Cleirigh

1 comment:

The Rebels Yell! said...

Excellent synopsis of the current ideological conundrum facing Irish Republicanism in the 21st century!! Sinn Fein's monopoly on Irish Republican sentiment through their political dominance of the North has meant that they have been able to dilute and manipulate traditional socialist and republican beliefs undeterred. Whilst a few much smaller republican groups such as Eirigi and IRSP have sought to challenge them, Sinn Fein can progress on their current agenda knowing full well that these groups can't and probably won't in the forseeable future be able to mount a significant politcal challenge to their authority.



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