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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

MI5 London 2012 Proxy Death Squads British Occupied Ireland

London's agenda in Ireland still involves their mentored Loyalist sectarian death squads. The evidence is piled high over the years proving it. It has been standard practice in all of UK colonial and proxy wars. Divide and conquer is how Britain pirates plunder the world. Unspeakable ethnic cleansing with atrocities and massacres, are still being committed by their agents worldwide. Women and men are still being kidnapped by the British in Ireland and politically raped of their human rights in solitary confinement with internment without trial. Citizens or commoners as they are known in Britain, are treated like combatants, while people with a political conscience, are treated like criminals. 

The Irish  are targeted for opposing British occupation and aggression in their own land, while political prisoners are tortured. Duplicitous lies and cover-up are used to lock people up and throw away the key, while scoundrels of the media help censor it. The British politicians, media secret services hands are all bloodstained, like the UK mentored sectarian proxy killers. The British media including the BBC world service, distort what's happening in Ireland on the ground. Irish viewers and readers know they are professional liars. They are paid to lie, while ethical journalists, working for the truth, are shadowed by British secret services and need not apply for work.

Meanwhile the British secret services, MI5 and MI6 are a law unto themselves as are their British paramilitary police in Ireland. Last week it was divulged at a very expensive long running inquiry of police behaviour and collusion in the killing of their own officers, that intelligence documents were withheld from the Smithwick Tribunal by the PSNI and MI5. The revelation that the PSNI withheld documents into the killing of 'their own' was described as a matter of “great concern” by lawyers for families of two RUC officers, executed by the IRA allegedly with assistance from their police.Ernie Waterworth, of McCartan Turkington Breen Solicitors in Belfast, said it was of “great concern” for the family of the late Supt Bob Buchanan and Chief Supt Harry Breen.

There have been numerous cases of  proven collusion between British State agencies and paramilitary organisations in carrying out British proxy loyalist massacres and atrocities Ireland. Three sets of official inquiries into this criminal British activity give us a very clear understanding of what UK Proxy Loyalist Death Squads in British Occupied Ireland actually means. The authors of official reports Judge Cory, a retired Canadian judge, Lord Stevens, former Commisioner of the London Metropolitan Police and Nuala O'Loan, former Police Ombudsman of British occupied Ireland. They are widely recognised as being professional and independent with integrity.

Judge Cory said:

"Police forces must not act collusively by ignoring or turning a blind eye to the wrongful act of their officers or of their servants or agents. Nor can the police act collusively by supplying information to assist those committing wrongful acts or by encouraging them to commit wrongful acts." "Any lesser definition would have the effect of condoning, or even encouraging, state involvement in crimes, thereby shattering all public confidence in important Government agencies."

Lord Stevens said:

"Collusion is... the wilful failure to keep records, the absence of accountability, the withholding of intelligence and evidence, the extreme of agents being involved in murder." Nuala O'Loan incorporated both of the above into her investigation of acts of collusion carried out by the British paramilitary police.

All of the above professionals have found considerable evidence of collusion between British Occupation state agencies in British Occupied Ireland and paramilitary groups. These agencies included the RUC, British Military, MI5 and now the PSNI. Despite a supposed peace process of several years, injustice without due process and collusion, are still the norm with an unelected British Viceroyal, giving the secret services, carte blanche to ride roughshod over the judiciary and even royal edicts from their own queen. In the instance of the current internment without trial and torture of Marian Price, they essentially  told the judiciary and her majesty to take a running jump, with her royal prerogative of mercy and judicial orders for her release totally ignored.

Alongside all of this, currently they have set up vigilantes, under the cover of a republican veneer, who have been kneecapping children by appointment with their parents. The British paramilitary police the PSNI deliver the notices and the vigilantes do the kneecapping by appointment. Meanwhile the British paramilitary police turn a blind eye, fully aware of the identity of the punishment squads. British spook rule in Occupied Ireland is rotten with injustice to the core ,with other British spook agencies, running the distribution of drugs in Irish communities in a catch 22 network of total control in a vicious society of fear and drug wars.

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Last edited: 19 November 2006 17:04:05

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