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Monday, May 21, 2012

Breaking News : Olympic Terror Causes HIgh So Evacuation of London 2012

Breaking News : Olympic Terror Causes HIgh So Evacuation of London 2012

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British Reneging on "Fear Process" in Ireland
It has been revealed that dummy runs by para-bombers at London 2012, have been successful in attempts to smuggle explosive devices and bombs into the Olympic site in Stratford the centrepiece Olympic stadium, velodrome and swimming pool.
Olympic Rings
Olympic Rings
It has been revealed that dummy runs by para-bombers at London 2012, have been successful in attempts to smuggle explosive devices and bombs into the Olympic site in Stratford the centrepiece Olympic stadium, velodrome and swimming pool. This underlines growing concerns over a dirty bomb that may wipe out millions of Londoners security at the Olympic games. The security level of threat at the Olympic in London is so high, that all of the Army’s explosive search dogs. including those in Afghanistan are being recalled to try boost totally inadequate security back in London.

One security expert off the record, said: “The issue of explosive search dogs is crucial, they are the tools that will find the bombs, but we don’t have enough of them. We only have around 30 and they can only work for 30 to 40 minutes before they get distracted or bored. From what I understand there will soon be virtually none left in Afghanistan they will all be here.”

The British army and non-specific armed force personnel working long shifts will be used to search members of the public entering the Olympic in a very intimate way in some instances including the anus and all body orifices. There are simply not enough people recruited to assist private security outfits because of the high threat level and the unhygienic nature of the work.

Many wealthier Londoners and High Society are giving London 2012 Olympics a miss and are moving to their holiday homes in places like Phuket, which they normally use during the British winters, because of the severe threat level. Indeed many of Boris Jonson's friends have already moved with much chatter below the radar of an impending apocalypse.

Aside from the mass produced underwear bombs being manufactured in Yemen for London 2012 by Al Qaida the main concern is a dirty bomb which aside from being possibly nuclear will quite likely be contain the Avian flu. British police may shoot members of the public to maintain order in the event of a "dirty bomb." British police have already tested successfully with shoot to kill experiments carried out on the public in British Occupied Ireland where the ensuing "Fear Process" gas created a lull in the fighting.

A recent Police Federation conference another of which is currently happening in Britain was told that there so few personnel trained to deal with an Olympic chemical, biological, nuclear or radiological attack on London 2012 that they would have to resort to "very unsavoury but necessary" population control for the games.

Sources within the organisation said it was evident that police could have to resort to firearms to stop contamination being spread by fleeing victims at events Like the Olympics in London 2012. The government has been negligent in explaining to Londoner how important it would be to keep the public cordoned off after such an atrocity at the Olympics," a spokesperson said.

"This is not about creating mass hysteria,this is about the opposite. The public has a right to know.The natural reaction from the public caught up in such an incident will be to get as far away from the scene as possible. This could, of course, only extend the problem." the spokesperson continued, adding, "We will be the ones who would have to carry out that containment and we would be the ones held responsible for our actions - whatever those may be."

Asked about officers firing on civilians, the reply was: "It’s an option the government is going to have to consider. We haven’t got enough cops trained to deal with full-scale containment and it’s putting everyone at risk." However the British Home Office continues to deny that police would have powers to shoot the public at the Olympics to cordon the Olympics of a chemical, biological, nuclear or radiological strike attack.
"Police have the right to detain people if they present a risk to the public, there are no circumstances in which police could operate some kind of shoot to kill policy under the law." However sources close to the London Lord Mayor reveal that Boris fears, that anymore revelations will create panic so he is keeping a traditional stiff upper lip for the 2012 Olympics.

A further source of concern which are fueling the concerns is that the British Viceroy in Occupied Ireland Owen Paterson revoked the licences of several Irish political prisoners who were released under the terms of the Irish peace process. In one instance, Irish republican Marian Price has now been interned in solitary confinement without trial for over a year.

The decision was surrounded in controversy being particularly striking in that on the same day a Judge released her on bail in May 2011, Paterson ordered her returned her to prison. There are other due process issues in relation to the case and many others, not least the fact she was given a pardon under the Royal Prerogative of Mercy.

The NIO claims this document only related to Marian Price’s fixed term and not life sentence for which a licence applied. Her family contest that the pardon related to both, and hence believe that the NIO had no licence to revoke, all of the ingredients of the British reneging on the "Fear Process," in Ireland that resulted many previous bombings of London.

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