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Monday, July 26, 2010



In Ireland besides the Catholic Church, Paedophiles are top of the political tree in politics, the media, the legal profession and the police. The British who control both parts of Ireland with their secret services, have managed to enable their rise to high places, since the formation of Irish Free state, almost 100 years ago. British secret services in Ireland have encouraged paedophile rings, because they can be easily manipulated and then disposed of when the time is right. There are photo's in existence on file. Children who brought a case against them, received awards of up to 50,000 euro but they hardly ever went to court because of British control over the Irish legal system.

A book about Colin Wallace, which alleged that boys in a care home were systematically abused by a British controlled paedophile ring in Occupied Ireland, where the men involved trained the boys as informants and agents within paramilitary groups for them, while they turned a blind eye. It is never investigated by the media. Many of the alleged paedophiles were either friends or associates of the Thatcher government. Many were also in charge of execution squads, directed against unarmed civilians in occupied Ireland. Most of the journalists that creep around SF,  don't bother to investigate the many Paedophiles, at the highest levels of politics, the legal system and wealthy society and journalism.

One key British Paedophile, was President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews from 1978 to 1984, and a key international figure seeking compensation and restitution for Holocaust victims. He arranged back in 1997, the London Nazi Looted Gold conference. He chaired a Parliamentary Select Committee from 1994-1996.  Going back to Beck's trial when the child, Paul Winston was a witness, the judge, Mr. Justice Jowitt, gave the court clear orders that there must be no mention of "persons in high places", to deal with the certainty, that British high society names, would be brought up in evidence. When independent elements of the media at the time, made an emergency application, the High Court ruled, that Jowitt's order was unlawful and void. One High society name duly came up and the evidence was reported.

A certain Lord and QC served 27 years in the British Parliament, eventually moved to the House of Lords. In the course of his work, the British Lord, made many visits to occupied Ireland, Switzerland, the United States, Belgium, Portugal, and Spain. He organized certain key events for the British Foreign Secretary, on behalf of the British Commonwealth Office and Government. He controlled over 42 nations represented at these events.

The British Lord presided over Inter-Parliamentary Councils,  with over 1200 members of 87 parliaments, including a major group from the United States consisting on one occasion of Ben Gilman, Tom Lantos, John Lewis, John Porter and several others. Apart from(allegedly) buggering young boys, he was a member of the Masons, the orange Order and a member of the Irish Magic Circle, including the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

One unfortunate resident of the infamous Kincora boys home in Belfast for most of his teenage years, Michael Stone became totally psychologically disturbed, as a result of British secret service Paedophile activity in occupied Ireland. Kincora boys home was run by the British, as a virtual gay brothel by their agents controlled by MI5, who are today in charge of policing, in all of Ireland, as a result of an agreement they negotiated with Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness. Its clientele preyed for years on vulnerable young boys, supplying them to British Royalty, secret services, visiting politicians and journalists. Children in its care, like Stone, included paramilitary leaders, politicians, judges and public figures. MI5 uses it as a blackmailers lever on political figures. A certain royal Lord now dead was one of its more high profile visitors. It is believed that this particular paedophile ring, was responsible for the murder of Princess Diane.

Anyway to get back to get back to Kincora, after coming out of this particular British paedophile hell hole and a broken home, many are damaged psychopaths. A certain Micheal Stone was controlled by a British agent, a notorious, utterly sadistic, homosexual, of the Red Hand Commandos, John McKeague, who on one of his visits to the boys home, introduced him to British loyalism, controlled by the British secret services in occupied ireland. Stone was sent to Milltown graveyard for the funeral of Mairead Farrell, who was shot dead by the British military, unarmed, in broad daylight, as is normal for British execution squads in occupied Ireland, who also murdered her two young unarmed companions. It wasn't Stones idea to go to her funeral he claims. Despite the heavy presence of media observers, television cameras, British police, British army surveillance and helicopters, where you can guarantee every last person at those funerals was photographed, Stone claims he was beside Adams and McGuinness but did not shoot them.

Strange then that grenades he initially threw, were stun grenades, cellulose casings, not steel fragmentation casings. Had they been fragmentation grenades, the death toll would have been high. However intelligence leaks now say, that the people, who set up Maireid Farrell and her two unarmed volunteer companions for murder, by British execution squads, as well as the middle management of the Loughall men, were gathered around that graveside. Thats why the British gave Stone stun grenades, not fragmentation. Not a single death was caused by the many grenades he threw, because they were non lethal. The injuries they caused were from gravel and stone they kicked up, not steel shrapnel. Other injuries were caused as people rushed for cover.

The ones who died that day were the brave young unarmed men who pursued Stone, as he made for a getaway van on the motorway. It abandoned Stone to his fate, when it saw the crowd on him. It was a British police/RUC van which drove off but the British paramilitary police claim, it was traffic branch. If Stone had been sent to murder and wipe out the leadership of Adams and McGuinness, as the middle management were wiped out in Gibraltar and Loughgall, they would have given him an AK and a bag of lethal grenades. The handuns he fired, were for a getaway, not at the assembled leadership. Instead he helped instill fear as the middle management were wiped out, in a community to lower its political aims and settle for the Adams, McGuinness deal.

Stone's actions, also gave cover to the Donaldsons, Scappitticis and others gathered around the graveside of the very volunteers, delivered up to the British. Everyone saw it as attempt to wipe out the "leadership" on their screens, while many of the traditional rural IRA s watched the "leadership", helping the Brits wipe out opposition and sell a pig in a poke, "Paedo Process" to a Catholic Paedophile controlled electorate. We also now know that Brian Nelson and other British controlled loyalists, never were allowed to get near the leadership. We also know the British made certain the bullets fired at the Siad Fein president in '82, were not capable of killing a rat never mind Adams. 

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