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Saturday, May 1, 2010


America's coastline is hurting badly from BP's lack of maintenance practices, do Americans really care ???

Satellite images reveal British Petroleum's oil slick expanding, from 1,150 square miles to some 3,850 square miles in just the last day alone. 
The spill is affecting the wetlands of the state's coastline and animal rescue groups have already started to receive seabirds coated in thick, black oil. 
There are predictions that winds will push the slick closer to the coasts of Alabama, Mississippi and Florida later today. 
The slick has begun to wash ashore in Louisiana, crossing barriers designed to stop its flow.
he southern states of Alabama, Mississippi, Florida and Louisiana have declared a state of emergency.

BP like it did inits other American disasters, downplayed the possibility of a catastrophic accident at the rig and did not make plans for any oil spill. T
he British firm stated it was unlikely or virtually impossible, for an accident to occur, which would lead to a crude oil spill or serious damage to beaches, fish, mammals but now threatens virtually all of the southern American coastline. 
BP's plan filed for the well in February 2009, emphasized  that it was "unlikely that an accidental surface or subsurface oil spill would occur from the proposed activities." 

Remember BP's Alaskan pipeline debacle, remember BP's  part in the Exxon Valdez spill ? Remember the 15 deaths and damage in Texas.Was the Alaska Pipeline corroded? You bet it was. It had been for more than a decade. Did British Petroleum shut the pipe  to turn a quick dollar on its negligence and profit off the disaster it created? Ask the "smart pig."

The government inspectors and pipeline workers who screamed at the time about corrosion all through the pipeline that BP owned 46% of, was supposed to maintain the system, but instead had a habit of hunting down and destroying the careers of those who warned of pipeline maintenance problems.

Meantime BP executives spent millions of pounds on champagne sex parties to help secure lucrative oil contracts. BP worked alongside MI6 the British international intelligence service to bring about changes in government.  A certain Mr Abrahams who worked for them tells how he spent £45 million in expenses over just four months of negotiations. He was given a no-limit company credit card while he ordered huge supplies of champagne and caviar to be flown on BP company jets to be consumed at the "sex parties".

The hospitality would also continue in London, where prostitutes were rented on his BP credit card to entertain. He tells of a wild west world of BP oil executives with briefcases stuffed full of US dollars rubbing shoulders with mafia Dons, prostitutes and deal fixers in dark back rooms. "Caviar and champagne were consumed at the parties, which would start in the bars but inevitably end with the girls in the rooms. 

"We had a company American Express card with no name on it which we could use to draw out $10,000 a time to pay for entertaining without ever having to account for it." Mr Abraham's BP's guests of luxury, included, British Members of Parliament, including Harold Elletson then a Tory MP but now a Liberal Democrat, former Home Secretary John Reid who also minister for British Occupied Ireland. "John flew out in the BP Gulfstream jet," he said. "After dinner, we went drinking in the hard currency bar. He was drinking a lot, this was a year before he gave up for good and I grew worried as it got closer to the time of the curfew imposed because of the tense political situation at the time. 

I said, 'Come on John, we have to get back to the hotel.' But as we left, he was swaying around and being very noisy. I urged him not to draw attention to us because we weren't meant to be still on the streets. But then a van load of police armed with Kalashnikovs pulled up and asked us what we were doing. He said, 'I am a British politician...' I urged him to be quiet, but then he said to one of the policemen, 'If you don't take that f***ing Kalashnikov out of my face I'm going to stick it up your f***ing a***.'

Mr Abrahams claims alleged co-operation between BP and the British intelligence services to secure more business. A spokesperson for John Reid said she had no comment and the British Foreign Office said of Mr Abrahams' claims: "We neither confirm nor deny anyone's allegations in relation to intelligence matters."

BP's CEO of Alaskan operations hired a former CIA expert to break into the home of  Chuck Hamel who complained about  the condition of the pipe's tanker facility. BP tapped the phone calls with a US congressman and ran surveillance with smear campaigns against him. When it was revealed in court, a US federal judge said BP's behaviour were "reminiscent of Nazi Germany."

Neither was this an isolated case. Captain J Woodle, once responsible for the pipe's Valdez terminus, was blackmailed into resigning when he complained of its disastrous condition. The weapon used with Woodle was faked evidence of marital infidelity.

Suddenly BP discovered corrosion necessitating an emergency shut-down of the same corrosion Dan Lawn had screamed about for 15 years. Lawn a government inspector kept his job only because his lawyers kept BP from firing him. BP claimed  surprise to find corrosion when Lawn issued a report on corrosion right after a leak and spill were discovered much earlier..

The timing of a sudden fix of a decade-long problem had a bad smell. A shutdown in mid-summer, in the middle of a Middle East war guaranteed to raise prices and reap monster profits for BP once again. The price of crude oil jumped more than $2 a barrel on the shutdown news. How lucky for BP which was selling four million barrels of oil a day to the American consumer. Had BP completed repairs a couple years beforehand after Dan Lawn's tenth warning, the market would hardly have noticed. BP could have fixed the pipeline problem after their corrosion caused the oil spill. But they would have lost the  seasonal supply squeeze windfall.

Did BP manipulate the market in such a crude manner? Lord Browne, the CEO of BP apologized for that particular scam and the Alaska spill and for the deaths of 15 workers at the company's deadly sloppy refinery operation at Texas City, Texas back in 2005.

The company's US CEO, Bob Malone, was Co-Chairman of the Bush re-election campaign in Alaska. Mr. Bush, in turn, was so impressed with BP's care of Alaska's environment, that he pushed again to open the state's arctic wildlife refuge to drilling by the BP consortium, Obama gave it the all clear just last week. You can go to Alaska right now and see for yourself BP's care of the wilderness. You can smell crude oil still on the beaches from the Exxon Valdez spill.

Exxon took all the blame for the spill because they had the company's name on the ship. But it was BP's pipeline managers who filed the reports that oil spill containment equipment was situated at the site of grounding near Bligh Island. The reports were bogus, the equipment wasn't there and all the beaches were poisoned. Investigators found four-volume's of faked safety reports and concluded  BP was as responsible as Exxon, for the 1,200 miles of oil-destroyed coastline.

Nevertheless, the British Lord Browne boasted of his corporation's environmental record.  BP cares about nature because they have painted every one of their gas stations green. The green paint-job represents to gullible Americans the British oil giant's love of Mother Nature. But the British Lord, Mr. Browne, knows in his heart,  it represents the colour of the Yankee dollar, as he laughs all the way to the bank while consumers pay exorbitant prices at the pump.

BP claims their very profitable timing of the Alaska pipe shutdown is explained by now running a "smart pig" through the oil pipes to locate corrosion. The "pig" is an electronic drone which BP should have used all along, though they did not do so for more than 10 years. They chose shutdown instead, in the middle of an oil crisis to run it, forcing a shutdown when BP's Lord Browne was so close to  the Bush oil famly and the British company's pig is indeed, very, very smart even in Bush/Blair instigated Iraq war.

There are fears the present BP slick could soon rival the Exxon Valdez disaster as the worst oil spill in US history. The  Gulf coast is one of the most sensitive wildlife areas in the US and home to a fishing industry of massive concern to people in the area. Once again the finger-pointing between the Obama administration and BP distracts the American public..Although it is  clearly Btitish Petroleum's responsibility, there spin doctors in the corporate media and political lobbyists like the bankers, will ensure that the government and ordinary people pick up the tab.

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