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Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Prelates and Princes of Child Rape and Abuse

The Borgias or Borjas were a noble family who were prominent during
the Renaissance. They are remembered for their corrupt rule when one
of them was a Pope. The Borgias have been accused of many crimes on
considerable evidence, including child rape, abuse, adultery, theft,
bribery, incest, and particularly murder by poison.

Pope Alexander VI born on the 1 January 1431, died on the 18 August
1503, was Pope from 1492 to 1503. He is one of the more controversial
of the popes and his surname, Italian Borgia, became descriptive of
corrupt standards of the papacy. Many commentators today say that for
the last 500 years the Catholic Church has consistently followed the
Borgia tradition in private.

Today as accusations of historic sexual abuse by Catholic clergy, in
the current Pope's former diocese and by other catholic clergy, emerge
in European country after country, the Vatican still insist, that
the's former deputy, Gerhard Gruber, has taken the 'rap' ethically,
for allowing a priest in the pope's former diocese who was a child
rapist, remain within the Church, saying this it had been simply "a
bad mistake," deflecting responsibility from the Pope.

The original report in the Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper, the former
diocese of the Pope of Munich and Freising, stated that
then-Archbishop Ratzinger had let the priest, stay at a vicarage in
Munich for "therapy" after he had raped an 11-year-old boy in the city
of Essen.
In 1986, the priest was given an 18-month suspended jail sentence and
a fine for sexually abusing minors, details of which were covered up
by the diocese. The Pope's former deputy, Gerhard Gruber, has taken
responsibility for initially allowing it adding that there were over
1,000 priests in the diocese and that the Pope "could not deal with

The Vatican has admitted under pressure that since 2001, about 3,000
accusations of abuse by priests of children were received by Vatican
officials. They involve diocesan and religious priests in acts
committed over the last 50 years.A spokesperson said,"We can say that
about 60% of the cases chiefly involved sexual attraction towards
adolescents of the same sex, another 30% involved heterosexual
relations, the remaining 10% were cases of paedophilia in the true
sense of the word that is, based on sexual attraction towards
prepubescent children.

He said 60% of the cases had not come to trial, because of advanced
age but they faced "disciplinary provisions". "It's true that there
has been no formal condemnation, it must be made absolutely clear that
in these cases, some of which are particularly sensational and have
caught the attention of the media, no absolution has taken place."

However since the statement was made, Pope Benedict XVI's former
diocese in Germany is now facing fresh daily allegations of physical
and sexual child abuse. The head of the Church's new sex-abuse task
force, Elke Huemmeler told the Associated Press news agency, "It is
like a tsunami," she said about 120 cases had come to light so far in
Munich, about 100 of them at a a boarding school run by monks.

This coincides with Roman Catholic Church being rocked by scandals
involving priests in other parts of Germany, the Netherlands,
Switzerland, Ireland and Austria. The Pope has written a pastoral
letter to be read to Catholics of Ireland tomorrow, where five bishops
have already resigned, with fresh accusations against another Bishop
and revelations with proof of children being sworn to secrecy by
Ireland's top prelate, Cardinal O'Brady, who's resignation is demanded
by Irish leaders. The Cardinal refuses to go saying, the Pope is the
only one who can tell him to go.

Meanwhile Ireland's best known strictly Catholic politician, who
covered up abuse by his brother of his daughter, whom he believes
guilty over 22 years ago and who went on to work is several youth
clubs, also refuses to resign. It is not clear however in his
instance, if an order from the Pope will force him to resign.
Observers have never seen a more serious crisis affecting the
credibility and leadership of the world's longest surviving
international organisation, the Roman Catholic Church before, not even
during the Borgia era, five centuries ago.

The BBC who made a period historical series on the Borgias, which can
be viewed by following a series of fifty videos, which are part of the
presentation above, detailing the background of this current Borgia
Roman Catholic Church behaviour. Many Irish republican's say that the
BBC should also make a similarly honest series on the Roman Empire's
successor the British Empire's Monarchy but that is unlikely, as the
BBC world service itself, was created by a Royal British order for
propaganda purposes. David Willey of the BBC in Rome says that a
taboo has now been broken and the Vatican is now forced to take a much
harder line than in the past. The first public document published by
the Vatican on this explosive subject which is to be read at all
masses in Ireland tomorrow, is of worldwide interest in what the Pope
is going to say.

The more than 30,000 known victims in Ireland to date, still have not
received an apology from the Pope. Victims of clerical sexual abuse in
Ireland argue, that they want a full-scale apology from the Pope, in
addition to compensation. They also say bishops should always notify
the local police first, not the Vatican, when cases of sexual rape and
abuse by clergy are reported to them. However Gerry Adams has told
Irish catholics not to report these type of crimes to the occupying
British police, as they use them for their own political purposes.

Traditional republicans claim that the occupying British manipulate
this often incestuous crime with various forms of blackmail. Adams
courageously admitted his own father was also a child abuser but has
failed to take responsibility and resign or make restitution with a
sincere apology. This crime also leaves politicians vulnerable to
political compromise and in the Adams instance, the British police
simply sat on prime facie evidence of the crime without prosecuting.
The years of secrecy and cover up in the Adams instance, a devout
Catholic who is also President of the former republican party, that
negotiated a deal with British raises questions and speculation.

Traditional Irish republicans are up in arms about the whole affair,
which they say brings their movement into disrepute and leaves the
most vulnerable part of Irish society, children, vulnerable to further
exploitation not just by the occupying British monarchy but by the
Prelates of Rome and their Irish minnions. Traditional Irish
republicans who oppose privilege of any kind, like the original
republicans of the French revolution, have been told by the Catholic
Church Prelates, they will be excommunicated and rot in hell, to which
Irish republicans have always replied is preferable, to fraternizing
with the corrupt and criminal of Prelates of the former Roman Empire
and the Princes of its successor the present British Empire still
occupying Ireland with brute force.

Unfortunately for the next generation of Irish children, they can but
look forward, to further abuse and bloodshed, both at the hands of the
occupying British forces and the Corrupt Catholic gombeens, who
administer society as a protected species, while serving their masters
interests in Ireland. The extent of the corruption in Ireland is borne
out recently, not just by the resignations of five bishops and the
demands for the resignation of their top Cardinal but the recent
resignation of an Irish Prime minister, arrest of their top banker and
leading politicians, despite a British controlled media, protecting
their compliant corrupt Catholic officials on John Bull's other

Meanwhile Adams carries on regardless, oblivious to the demands of
resignation in denial of the seriousness of child rape, denial of the
responsibility of leadership and a horrific example to the numerous
pedophiles in denial about the depravity of this crime. He would do
well to remember the adage, "Not the cry but the flight of the wild
duck leads the flock to fly and to follow."
– Chinese Proverb

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