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Thursday, March 4, 2010


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A  story in the Guardian Newspaper, titled ‘MI5 targets dissidents as
Irish terror threat grows,’ was based on information supplied by MI5.

The story said: ‘Up to 60% of all the security service’s electronic
intercepts, phone-taps and other covert technical operations,  come
from (Irish republican) dissidents or traditional Irish republicans
who oppose the Bad F riday Agreement. It said that fears were
escalating, over the intent of traditional republicans opposed to
power-sharing in the province ... 80 hardcore dissidents may be
plotting terrorist attacks.’

The critically important part of the news was that MI5(British
domestic, secret, service, police) has now ‘completely taken over surveillance
operations from police in Occupied Ireland. This important change, was
announced not in a statement to Parliament nor in a Official
Government press release but in a leak from MI5.

The figures mentioned, increase suspicions considerably. Over half of
MI5’s intercepts came from just 80 ‘hardcore’ traditional Irish
republicans of the Real IRA or Continuity IRA? Less than half from
Islamic militants, agents of other governments and all other perceived
threats to the  British Monarchy combined?

Director general of MI5, Jonathan Evans explaining threats that he believed
would  be encountered in the future, stated, “MI5 has now
identified around 2,000 individuals, whom we believe, pose a direct
threat to national security. This increase is due both to improved
coverage of extremist communities and to the continued flow of new
recruits to the extremist cause." He was referring specifically to
Islamic groups, and made no mention of Irish republicans.

Just eight months later, more than half of the service’s surveillance
traffic arises from 80 Irish republicans? It’s outrageous and we are expected

to believe this nonsense !

The reality is that MI-5 agents are embedded in all of the senior
positions of a newly named paramilitary Police force still unacceptable to
traditional republicans, who will not touch the Bad Friday Agreement.
They maintain it is a surrender process, not a peace process giving total 

control of Occupied Ireland to the Britain's Secret police who have a notorious
history of murder, assassinations, bombing atrocities, torture, propaganda, 
etc., in all of Ireland. 

These embedded agents/senior police have a culture
by their very nature of secrecy, away from accountability from local
politicians, police ombudsman or indeed any accountability by anyone at all. 

They also control the media with embedded agents in editorial positions 
setting the political agenda and being the opinion makers in John Bull's other

Meanwhile, Provisional Sinn Fein in the guise of Adams and McGuinness
and company will be content to try to sell this pig in a poke to a population
starved of peace with justice for centuries.

In fact national security, policing and justice will in no way be as
transparent as they might try to imply. Take 42-day detention or internment

and inhumane treatment without trial by stealth. In most, cases the arrest 
of suspects, later subjected to the measure would be carried out by the paramilitary
police, controlled by MI-5 un-accountable to anyone.

The ‘robust judicial scrutiny’ of 42-day applications would be
undertaken by very British judges. British Bliar’s former assurances
to Sinn Fein, that MI-5 would be a ‘stand-alone’ body and would not
become involved in devolved institutions, in practice, proves
worthless. Knowledge is power, MI-5 are at the heart of it, coupled
with a draconian official secrets act they can make or break a
politician they disapprove of, in the bat of an eye. Sinn Fein answer to MI-5 and

Stormont not the other way round. So nothing has changed then.

Even the non republican SDLP have spotted it. In an exchange between
Alex Attwood of the SDLP and senior officials of the Northern Ireland
Office, at an Assembly committee inquiry into devolution of policing
and justice. Seven MLAs attended: Jeffrey Donaldson, (DUP, chairman),
Attwood (SDLP), Nelson McCausland (DUP), Ian McCrea (DUP), Alan
McFarland (UUP), John O’Dowd (SF) and George Robinson (DUP). NIO
representatives were Peter May and Clare Salters. The minutes of the
meeting show, that only Attwood and McFarlane put questions to the
officials. None of the DUP/SF MLAs appear to have uttered a word.

Attwood questioned;  “There is a credibility gap between the proposals
on national security ... and the authority of those (devolved)

May: “National security is an excepted matter that will not be
transferred to the devolved administration. Where the work of the
devolved administration touches on matters that are national
security-related, it will be necessary to consider whether devolved
ministers require access to national security information and, if so,
what level of that information they might receive ... ”

So, there you have it, in an overlap between policing and security, as
mentioned  above, the British Minister of the Queen of England
advised, it goes without saying, by MI-5 would decide what
information, if any Her Majesty's  authorities would allow  local dick
Head politicians, such as  McGuinness and Adams to have sight of.

Attwood continued: “You have said that sufficient and appropriate
information should be made available?

Mr May: “Yes, that is the objective.”

Attwood: “What does that mean and how will that be done?”

Answer; NONE !, Zilch ! On yer bike ! = answerable To no one !

The end result, is that MI5, up to its neck in a dossier of lies, that
led Britain into a dishonest disastrous Iraq genocide, implicated in
paedophile scandals in Occupied Ireland, from the Kincora Boys’ Home,
to the murder of lawyer Pat Finucane, to the boss of IRA leader Freddie
Scappaticci etc, etc,. MI-5, enablers of 22 years of unprosecuted paedophile
charges against Gerry Adam's brother and the loyalists of Kincora??, You

can be absolutely certain they knew exactly what was going on and used 
it to their own advantage, i.e the State body which, above all others, 
is not held to account by anyone, has been given free rein to operate across
Occupied Ireland without scrutiny, much less control by any local assembly.

All endorsed by Provisional Sinn Fein the former republican party,
in the name of  liberation. Trustworthy policing and justice they say
accountable to the people and giving local bodies control.

Thus is the reality of Ireland's much touted Bad Friday Agreement, that 

censors all genuine debate, with their exclusive political platform handed to
them by the agents of Mi-5, embedded all over the Irish corporate media, that
threatens to assassinate anyone intelligent or brave enough to ask the right 
questions in Ireland. They have well and truly buried any illusion of democracy
in the "New Fascist Ireland," exclusive of the traditional Irish republicans and
people no property.

Someone to watch over John Bull's other Island ? The Thames London HQ
of MI5 unaccountable to anyone in reality, which claims more than half the

electronic traffic comes form 80 tradtional irish republicans, who will not buy
British pigs in pokes. Lets have a brief look into this poke that was


The Omagh, Dublin and Monaghan bombs were all co-ordinated to explode and
murder the maximum number of people were by British secret police and their

MI-5 agents operating in the Irish free state. All three explosions were carried
out by the British secret services or their agents in Ireland and
murdered more than 61 innocent people, in a propaganda campaign by the
occupying British to discredit Irish republicans.

They operated apparently with their agents living there for quite some
time, without the knowledge of local police in the Irish Free state
and McGuinness believes he is a thinking republican. A recent bomb
in Newry again had the MI-5 controlled police, giving out
dis-information regarding timing of precise bomb warnings to the local
population, hoping to create another atrocity and blacken the name of
traditional Irish Republicans, with their embedded media opinion
maker, blasting out a cacophony of propaganda in its wake.

Looking more closely at the British secret police, Israel has played
a significant role within the dark murderous world of Britain's covert
operations. In the early 1970's Rafael Eitan, the head of the Israeli
hit-squad known as  'Kidon' toured occupied Ireland and later the SAS
base in Hereford Within months of his visit there began a number of
fundamental changes in policy and operations in John Bull's other

More SAS were posted and a number of specialized groups
formed, ranging from the 14th intelligence and Security company, once
described as the 'Thinking Mans SAS' to the Mobile Reconnaissance
Force or MRF, which would later become the Force Reconnaissance Unit.
The FRU were later involved in the targeting of suspected Republicans
for assassination by the British sponosred infamous Loyalist Death

Mossad's Kidon hit-team took the law into their own hands by
assassinating two Palestinians, suspected of involvement in the Black
September Massacre at the Munich Olympics. One died in his London
hotel room, while the second went under the wheels of a car in High

The 1988 killing of three IRA volunteers in Gibraltar by the SAS, following
intelligence by Mossad, who had originally tracked the Irish freedom
fighters, whom they suspected of running guns from Lebanon. Wishing to
avoid publicity with London by killing them on British soil,
surveillance was handed over to MI5 and later to the SAS, whose cold
blooded murder of them, prevented interrogation or further

Tony Blair, MI-5's political creation for Britain's official approach,
to a more co-operative Mossad, met with little opposition to
their clandestine centre operating in London, with 15 intelligence
officers and 2 or 3 members of the Kidon. The Israeli's had a hit-list
of around 50 Islamic and Palestinian activists believed to be living
in Britain.

Most, to use Israeli parlance, to be 'disposed of'. It is believed a
number fled the country or went under deep cover. Gordon Thomas, a
leading expert on Israeli and British intelligence, maintained the
highly effective Kidon as directly controlled by the Israeli
Intelligence Service, Mossad. Some 38-40 highly trained assassins,
including four women. They operate throughout the world, where-ever
a potential or actual perceived threat exists. David Kimche, a 30-year
veteran of Mossad and Deputy until his resignation, was responsible for
the formulation of Kidon philosophy, that it must be 'Israel first,
last and always'

Britain has no legal complications to MI-5 or MI-6 murders, as long as

 the killing takes place on foreign soil, off the British mainland or on John Bull's
other island, where the can operate at their leisure in both parts of
occupied Ireland. In fact they give them medals for it as we recently
witnessed.  Under the Intelligence Services Act of 1994, British
Secret service officers have immunity from prosecution for murders
committed outside England where they can kill at the their pleasure.
Although the Criminal Justice Bill of 1998 makes it illegal for any
organization in the mainland to conspire to commit offenses abroad,
Crown agents still have immunity to plan murders, at their state of
the art complex, built in Palace Barracks in occupied Ireland, where
more than 500 of their agents can plan assassinations and murder
legally, at their leisure.

George Young in his capacity as Deputy Chief of MI6, quite openly
advocated the killing of the Egyptian leader Colonel Nasser the senior
foreign office official, Howard Smith who later became Director
General of MI5 argued in official documents for the assassination of
Congolese leader Patrice Lumumba  "I see only two possible solutions
to the Lumumba problem. The first is the simple one of ensuring his
removal from the scene by killing him.".

Closer to home returning to John Bull's other island again, the
Littlejohn Brothers were recruited in 1972 by John Wyman of MI6, who
already handled a number of agents in occupied Ireland and paid sums
of tax payers money to infiltrate the IRA and to act as agent
provocateurs, organising and conducting bank robberies and bomb
attacks in the Irish Free state.

 Wyman told them there was "going to be a policy of political
assassination." Kenneth Littlejohn said,  "If I was told about any
illegal act before it happened, I would always discuss it with London.
I was always told to go ahead" he went on to claim that  MI6 Officers
told him 'If there is any shooting, do what you've got to do'." Wyman
gave the Littlejohn's a list of IRA leaders to assassinate, including
Seamus Costello, Sean Garland and Sean McStiofain. After Littlejohn
passed on the name Joe McCann, a leading Republican, to his handler,
McCann was shot dead by British paratroopers a few days later as he
walked, apparently unarmed, through the Belfast Markets area.

In more recent times former MI5 Officer David Shayler and Richard
Tomlinson of MI6 have both argued that Britain's Intelligence Services
had attempted to assassinate Libya's Colonel Gadaffi in February 1996
in a plot organized by MI6's David Watson and Richard Bartlitt and
planned similar murders of both Saddam Hussein in 1991 and Serbia's
Slobodan Milosovic in 1992.

There is now official confirmation from the Steven's Inquiry into the
'Shoot to Kill' policy in Occupied Ireland that British officials were
indeed deeply involved in the assassination of a number of  innocent
civilans in the province. The Guardian headlined its article Sinister
role of secret army unit: Police investigate claims of collusion with
paramilitaries describes the organisations involved in covert British
operations in Ireland “The FRU was one of three army-sponsored
undercover intelligence squads in Northern Ireland. The others were 22
Squadron(sic) SAS, and 14 Company. The FRU, which was set up in
Northern Ireland in 1980, dealt with recruiting and handling agents in
paramilitary organisations.“

14 Company specialised in surveillance while 22 SAS took 'executive
actions'. 'That means they killed people,' said an army source. Many
observers believe much is still being hidden by an ongoing official
British cover-up.

Another group known as 'The Increment' is used for assassinations,
sabotage or other d jobs to incite sectarian warfare with some murders
to justify the presence of their occupation forces. Ex-SAS mercenaries
have also been blamed for several assassinations in Africa and a
former member of the Regiment, Tyrone Chadwick, was imprisoned in
South Africa after admitting to a journalist former SAS mercenaries
and his own leading role in several murders during the apartheid.

SIS has a reputation for going outside the agency and its military
executive arm, to murder some targets. Friendly foreign intelligence
agencies have been used and MI6 has shown a willingness to
'sub-contract to Mossad' according to a former British agent quoted by
Peter Hillmore and Ed Vulliamy in 'Spies: the Beautiful and the
damned' The Observer 12th October 1997.

Speculation still surrounds the 'suicide' of Jonathan Moyle, the
editor of the British trade journal Defence Helicopter World. In March
1990, he was found hanging in a closet in a hotel room in Santiago,
Chile. Intelligence sources suggest that there was SIS involvement in
Moyle's death as his 'Iraqgate' investigations were believed to be
uncovering highly embarrassing facts for the senior management at the
then headquarters of  MI6 and the Conservative Government of Magaret

There is in fact a very long list of suspicious deaths linked to
British Government or Defence Industry since 1970 including members of
their own establishment that the official secrets act had not already
silenced. The murders of these establishment figures also served as
warning to all civil servant not to divulge Her Majesty's considerable

A) Defence, Computers and Electronics (Scientists, Technicians and
Robert Wilsort 1973,Gerard Darlow 1973,Prof Keith Bowden 1982,Lt Col
Anthony Godley 1983
Dennis Skinner 1983,Jonathan Wash 1985,Vimal Bhagvangi Dajibhai
1986,Arshad Sharif 1986
Dr John Brittan 1986,Mark Wisner 1987,David Sands 1987,Peter Peapell
1987,David Greenhalgh 1987
Michael Baker 1987,Richard Pugh 1987,Shani Warren 1987,Victor Moore
1987,Trevor Knight 1988,

Brigadier Peter Ferry 1988,Alistair Beckham 1988,Dr Gerard Bull
1989,Jonathon Moyle 1990
Dr David Kelly 2003

B) SIGINT(GCHQ-Computers)
Jack Wolfenden 1982,Ernest Brockway 1982,Stephen Drinkwater
1983,George Franks 1984,Stephen Oke 1985

C) Political Activists/Lawyers/Politicians
Airey Neave MP 1979 ( victim of a highly sophisticated INLA
bombing),Hilda Murrell 1984, Willie McRae 1985, Pat Finucane lawyer,
1989 (one of  hundreds or so 'suspicious' deaths linked to British
Special Forces Hit Squads or based on information illegally supplied
to Loyalist murder gangs by MI5 for stir religious hatred, FRU, SAS or

D) Foreign targets.
Assassinations of major foreign political leaders (such as President
Nasser 1950's, Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba and President Milton
Obote 1960's, Prime Minister Ghaddafi and President Slobodan Milosevic
1990's) and political opponents have been planned or carried out on
numerous occasions over the last fifty years in Iran, Egypt, Congo,
Libya, Uganda, Serbia and Occupied Ireland.

Mossad's growing influence on the Western Intelligence Community was
gradually  strengthened by regular meetings held with Eliza Manningham
Buller, pre-dating the invasion of Iraq, including the then Director
General of MI5 and with Richard Dearlove, Chief of the Secret
Intelligence Service. It now seems likely that Britain's MI6  further
rebuilt its muscle power through the expansion of its Special
Operations Directorate to include a 'Hunter-Killer' capability. A
small Special Forces unit dedicated to secret intelligence, increasing
numbers of covert and potentially politically explosive operations
required the use of  'retired' officers operating within commercial
paramilitary companies; organized crime assets or even 'friendly'
foreign intelligence agencies.

The SIS  decided that it must have its own operatives to do  much of
the 'dirty work' of assassination, as the official, though of course
deniable, policy for dealing with perceived  external threats. A
limited number of selected and highly trained secret service officers
once again have a 'licence to kill at will,' perhaps courtesy of the
Israeli Secret Service.

MI5 is meant to be the ‘domestic’ wing of British Intelligence
Services but is now operating in all of Ireland, which as a result of
the agreement, is now regarded officially as, "John Bull's Other
Island".  Neither are it's activities, confined to gathering
intelligence. MI5's activities were best illustrated in Ireland by the
central role its agents played in the murder of 33 ordinary people in
its Dublin/Monaghan car bombings.

The number of people currently working for MI5 in Ireland as paid
agents is again a 'British Official Secret Secret' but it numbers at
least several thousand, including their journalists. The hapless Adams
and McGuinness on walked away from a Bad Friday Agreement, with their
tails between their legs, with less freedom for Irish people after the
latest phase of 40 years of  a liberation struggle by Irish freedom
fighters, than the island had to begin with.



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