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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Muphry's Law dictates that  if a mistake is as plain as the nose on your face, everyone can see it but you.

After the large car bomb explosion outside the court house in Newry city centre
last night. The British paramilitary police said they received warnings around 30 minutes before the
explosion went off, and were in the process of clearing the area when the bomb exploded. There are no reports of any injuries.

The bomb was heard by people living up to four miles from the scene.It comes days after an unexploded mortar rocket was abandoned outside a British paramilitary police base in the nearby County Armagh village of Keady. The area around the heavily fortified courthouse remains sealed off as the occupying British Army check for further devices.

It is understood to be the largest bomb explosion in British occupied Ireland for several years.It follows a series of IED's by traditional republicans which have been left all over occupied Ireland..Last month, a member of the British paramilitary police was serious injured when a device exploded underneath his car.

Local Member of the occupying British Parliament and former republican Conor Muprhy, said: "The fact that we're in the process of devolving policing and justice powers and there's an attack on a courthouse will not be lost on people. These people are trying to drag us backwards and ensure we have the British army back on the streets." What Muphry fails to mention is that MI5 have all the senior positions staffed in the occupying  British paramilitary police force and the nature of MI5 is secrecy and undermining Ireland, as in the instance of the Dublin/Monaghan bombings without warning and murder of 33 people. The reality is that the politicians answer to MI5 not the other way around.Only a fool would agree to their state of the art headquarters win Ireland with thousand of their agents scattered in every facet of Irish life. Let me remind you again Mr Muphry of Muphry's Law;

 Muphry's Law  dictates that if a mistake is as plain as the nose on your face, everyone can see it but you.

 Most of the high salaried British establishment including the collaborators have vested interest in the status quo and the ordinary people have long since given up on any of them defending the Irish victims of the occupying British state sponsored assassinations or imprisoned of  community activists on corrupted evidence by their British paramilitary police.

None of Provisional Sinn Fein MP's now condemning resistance have credibility with traditional Irish republicans, they say none of them were ever on any of  the marches from occupied Ireland to Dublin, when the 11 hunger strikers comrades along with Bobby Sands were dying, despite orders from HQ , that the hunger strike was the singular priority of the movement at the time.

Traditional republicans categorically state that these Castle Catholics with their own Catholic agenda, who infiltrated the movement, are in fact the antithesis of the non-sectarian nature of republicanism and they do not speak or care for the oppressed people of no property in Ireland or traditional republicans. They state that the Catholic Church's sponsored peace process from their peace people movement was an utterly stage managed fake infiltrated surrender process of decades of Irish resistance and has no basis or reality in communities of ordinary people, especially those of no property.

Mentioning the Catholic Church, which has had a malignant influence on Irish republican affairs since Maynooth was founded, with elected ardent Catholic politicians like Murphy, Adams and McGuinness, referring policies to the Catholic hierarchy for approval, before recent revelations of a damning indictment of the British paramiltary police force, which ignored complaints of serious crime against their family and colleagues and covered up the systematic rape and abuse of children in good old Catholic Gombeen Ireland. 

The revisionist Catholic fake republican leaders, genuflecting before the Men of the Cloth, as they set about building a Gombeen Nation and sell it to the highest international bidders or blackmailers, prospering and exploiting while the Irish people of no property are assassinated, tortured, imprisoned, discredited, medicated or starved.

Catholic Headquarters, Maynooth, Ireland was built by the British Govt as part of a cosy deal whereby the Catholic Church ran services that in Britian were under the control of democratically elected local councils, thereby negating the need for such councils in Ireland. The gombeen political nature of revisionist Castle Catholic republicans in the gombeen nation are complex, as a result of warps developed in the Irish psyche over hundreds of years of Brutal British Physical Oppression coupled with Catholic Roman Empire Psychological and sexual oppression, 

SEE LINK; and conquered civilizations in decline for details.

The Irish resistance to the British Empire is ultimately part of an international struggle, by people of no property across the planet, disinherited by centuries of wanton imperialist exploitation and native gombeen parasites collaborating while compliant gombeen local politicians, fool and betray their  largely impoverished electorate into submission. McGuinness, Adams and Murphy, etc., are just the latest embodiment in this ignoble gombeen parasite.

The traditional bonds of oppressed communities, along with their no property class consciousness, is the solidarity in which the struggle lives. This rather than working class consciousness of organized labour, the class with nothing to loose anymore from which comes the revolution, when offered genuine visionary leadership and the class from which trustworthy leadership must eventually come. The latest republican operation is evidence that the damage, inflicted on the traditional republican movement, by the previous insipid, revisionist, semi-leadership, with an infiltrated  Roman Catholic/British agreed agenda, rather than the traditional non-sectarian visionary strong leadership, is being repaired.

 One of the major lessons of the latest phase of the struggle is the lesson  that Rome not alone carried out a lot of brutality in  Ireland but warped the focus of resistance and the British certainly manipulated this, both divided the people using religion. The 800 Year War was never about faith it was always about the occupation of Irish ground and the brutality and the impoverishment of mind, body and spirit that went with it. When the butchers apron is taken and occupied Ireland returned to all of the Irish people, not just a few and  Catholic & Protestants leave their faiths at home and be the Irish people they all claim to be, whenever they go abroad, a genuine peace will happen in Ireland as part of the international liberation process.

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