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Monday, January 4, 2010

L'Adamsgate Child Sexual Abuse Affair

Fresh claims against Gerry Adams in the L'Adamsgate Affair is putting
further pressure on Gerry Adams to resign as President of his party
and as a Westminster MP from Ireland. Anger is mounting in West
Belfast and across Ireland at an alleged cover up by Adams, of his
brother's alleged sexual abuse of his daughter Aine, who reported him
to the RUC/PSNI as far back as 1987.

Adams initially admitted he was aware of the police reports 22 years
ago but after his brother fled West Belfast, claimed he  was unaware
of his whereabouts in republican Muirheivnamor in Dundalk. Photographs
in a leading newspaper and several reliable witnesses have proven this
to be untrue. During this period the IRA policed West Belfast and
Muirheivnamor where Liam Adam fled after his daughters reports of
sexual abuse to the RUC/PSNI.

It has since emerged that Adams worked with children in Dundalk, West
Belfast and Donegal after his daughter reported him. These jobs would
normally need clearance, in this instance from the  RUC/PSNI, the
sworn enemy of traditional republicans in West Belfast. They would
normally also require a reference from a respected community leader.

Like all of the Bishops who have resigned because of their part in
enabling child sexual abuse to continue in a sytemic manner after
their colleagues were reported, Gerry Adams stands accused of  cover
up, negligence, monarchial type privilege, irresponsibility and other
serious allegations, by angry worried parents, fearing that their
children were and may still be in serious danger, because of a lack of
responsibility. The normal procedure at that time in republican areas,
was that any reports of child abuse, were immediately reported to the
IRA, the issue would then be immediately and  thoroughly investigated
by responsible community leaders with sentence pronounced in a timely
manner and in cases of guilt, sentence summarily delivered.

This was meant to apply across the board as per liberation principles
of equality for all republicans, regardless of rank, fear or favour.
Apparently in Liam Adams case this failed to happen. Angry parents
demand the immediate resignation of the very catholic Adams, as in the
instances of the Bishops. The establishment media in Ireland are
desperately attempting to ignore the issue, with exception of the non
Roman Catholic Belfast Telegraph.

The news blackout seemed to have been succeeding to cover up the
matter from the public, until new fresh allegations surfaced in the
L'Adamsgate affair, which Gerry Adams denies again. Adams changed his
initial story after the local media proved his initial statement as
untrue to the effect of claiming he told his friends in the party
about the matter and asked for his removal from Sinn Fein.

Adams is now under fresh pressure along with his friend Martin
McGuinness as a media he refers to as "dissident journalists" expose
more facts in the affair. The other party to the affair the PSNI/RUC
which demanded previously, that  the highly respected editor of
Ireland's leading Sunday newspaper reveal her sources or face prison.
The same newspaper has now revealed that his suspected paedophile
brother, was Sinn Fein's most senior official in Co Louth. His friends
in Sinn Fein deny claims of an orchestrated “cover up” about the exact
role of Adams’s alleged sex abuser brother Liam had in the party. A
Sunday Tribune report, details his involvement during the period Gerry
Adams alleged they were estranged.

The new denial follows the newspaper claim that Liam Adams chaired a
traditional IRA commemoration on the British border in November 1997,
more than a year after the Sinn Fein president claimed he gave
instructions to immediately having him “dumped” from the party. An
instruction incidentally very different to standard principled
procedure in such instances but nevertheless that would without doubt
have been normally adhered to coming from the president. Nevertheless
an Edentubber Martyrs’ commemoration which was attended by more 1,000
republican witnesses, to parent's allegations in direct conflict with
Adam's account, which cannot explain the involvement of Liam Adams
introducing the main speaker, Sinn Fein's national chairman Mitchel

The newspaper reports also claim Liam Adams was chairperson of Louth
comhairle ceantair, a very senior job which would have involved him
liaising directly with the Sinn Fein leadership in Belfast. Concerned
Republican parents also categorically state that Liam Adams welcomed
Sinn Fein’s Martin McGuinness to Dundalk in June 1996 and stood beside
him at the official opening of the party's new office. If Gerry Adam's
claim is correct, then Martin McGuinness in his capacity at that time,
should have been one of the first members, to be informed and
McGuinness's responsibility would have included the protection of
vulnerable children in Dundalk and other republican areas by having
the report thoroughly investigated.

Gerry Adams and McGuinness are now coming under even more pressure
from angry parents in recent days, after it emerged that Adams first
knew about sex abuse allegations against his brother more than 22
years ago when his daughter lodged reports with the RUC/PSNI. Despite
all of this he is still walking around without any obvious action
being taken by either McGuinness, Gerry Adams or the RUC/PSNI.

 Angry parents allege further that politicians all over Ireland and in
Britain, along with the police are colluding in another cover up just
like the bishops and demand that all of them resign immediately in the
scandal. They allege that once again, children's welfare is the last
concern of these highly paid irresponsible establishment figures,
which also includes  a compromised corporate media.

A spokesperson for Adam's party has claimed that there is no cover-up
and now says he was a member of the party for "a period in the 1990s".

“Sinn Fein made clear that Liam Adams was a member of the party for a
brief period in the 1990s, so that dispels the myth of some sort of
cover up,” he said.

Although the spokesperson also seemed to suggest a rift in the party
over the matter by adding;

“Second of all it was Gerry Adams who said that, when he discovered
Liam was a member of the party he moved to have him removed from the

The spokesperson also claimed the stories were emanating from
Republican republicans??? apparently a referenece to Republican Sinn
Fein who have not yet commented on the matter.

The RUC/PSNI is supposedly preparing a European arrest warrant to
bring Liam Adams to the occupied northern part of  Ireland but parents
are both upset and angry, that it has taken more than 22 years, which
is highly irregular and that it all has the appearance of a cover up,
exactly the same as the Catholic Bishops who were eventually forced to
resign. However in this instance many insider claim that the
L'Adamsgate affair will be decided in a deeply compromised
British/Irish media since the arrival of the Roman Catholic agenda to
Ireland before the death of Cardinal Daly, who also presided over the
Church's child abuse cover up and who is being buried today.

The pro-British Daly unlike his predecessor was implacably opposed to
Irish republicans and it is believed he will be replaced by another
Daly. Seasoned respected observers have noted the relatively low
numbers involved in cermonies around his death in contrast to the
usual pomp and splendour of such occasions in Ireland. The Roman
Catholic church is attempting desperately to make a revival after its
disgrace in the child abuse scandal but it appears the more
traditional Celtic Church is on the ascendancy. Genuine traditional
republicans fear that the L'Adamsgate affair is causing serious damage
to republican non-sectarian, equality, liberation, principles in
Ireland and demand the immediate resignation of both Gerry Adams and
Martin McGuinness as in the instance of the bishops involved in the
Church's cover up.

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