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Monday, December 28, 2009

Demands for McGuinness and Adams to Resign In Child Sex Scandal

The controversy surrounding child abuse by Catholic clergy in Ireland
has taken a new twist when it was revealed recently that not only did
the Vatican ignore requests by the Irish commission for abuse
investigations but also that Irish police and politicians continue to
play a leading role in the systematic cover up of evidence. A closer
look now shows that the church has interests that run parallel to
those local politicians and police officials exploiting defenceless
poor innocents in an orgy of unbridled greed and decades of vicious

While the inquiry originally charged Catholic church leaders with
concealing decades of abuse, it is now becoming clearer that the
PSNI/RUC and elected officials are also colluding in a cover-up, in
the occupied part of Ireland. The papal nuncio consistently ignores
requests for information. Vatican officials informed the Irish Foreign
Affairs department, that requests had failed to follow diplomatic
protocol during negotiations between Ireland and the Vatican.

The commission, argued that it was independent of the government and
was exempt from following diplomatic procedures in their request for
information. The commission failed to receive a proper reply after
sending the papal nuncio extracts from its draft report, which
referred to him and his office, as it was required to do, while the
Vatican replied that it was a matter for the local church involved.
Bearing in mind these facts, Cardinal Brady's apology for the decades
of brutal child abuse, as well as its concealment, doesn't appear very
sincere, to many of the victims.

Perhaps even more sinister than the Pope's "blind eye" to child abuse,
are allegations that Irish police officials, along with the British
paramilitary police in the occupied part of Ireland, participated in
hiding child abuse by local priests and politicians, while helping to
push the Roman Catholic agenda, within the republican movement, as
opposed to the traditional, non-sectarian principles of its founding
Protestant forefathers. Traditional republicans are demanding on this
basis alone, that the extremely Roman Catholic, McGuinness and Adams
resign immediately, because of their collusion in the scandal.

Liam Adams, brother of Westminster MP Gerry Adams worked with children
in a number of roles for almost 20 years, after his daughter and her
mother reported him to the British police and social services in
1987.A spokesperson for the Beechmount Community Project, for which
Liam Adams worked said, "We feel that serious lapses by both the
Social Services and the police have inexcusably put children and young
people within our project, at risk."

Neither would the British police comment on reports, Adams was given
police clearance to work at youth centres in west Belfast, after his
daughter and her mother reported him to the police in 1987. Gerry
Adams MP said he believed the allegations which he heard in 1987 and
that if he knew the whereabouts of his brother, he would have informed
the PSNI/RUC, so that Liam Adams could face the charges. It has since
been proven with photographic evidence and reliable witnesses, that Mr
Adams knew exactly where his brother was and therefore colluded in the
cover up, just like the bishops who have been forced to resign.

It is also believed that Margaret Thatcher on numerous visits to Rome
after the hunger strike, leaned heavily on the Pope to push this
agenda with their people, within the Irish republican movement. The
report also found that senior police officers colluded in both parts
of Ireland with the cover-up. As has always been the case in Ireland,
the local police force, politicians and Catholic clergy normally side
with the most powerful and wealthy, to attack the innocent,
vulnerable, people of no property, for their own selfish agendas.

Recent revelations have shocked ordinary people in the occupied part
of Ireland, the British paramiltary police PSNI/RUC and elected
political officials, are playing a significant role alongside the
church in continuing the abuse of children and the oppression of other
minorities. In the absence of any real democracy, calls have been made
for the dissident churches, dissenters, protestants to stand up for
the rights of children, an un-recognised minority, who are defenceless
against this rampant collusion of dark secretive religious state

As apparent Irish adults north and south of the border, loyal British
commoners and Irish citizens claim, that they care about children but
apparently in reality, many cannot remember that they themselves were
all once children. They seem to forget their responsibility to ensure,
that each child has the right to a childhood full of innocence and
loving stability, without lying elected officials or insensitive brute
police aiding and a betting these horrific crimes by parents or
supposed professional carers. Whether or not this is what a given
religion believes, it is what a proper police force should be doing,
enforcing the safety of children rather than colluding with a rotten
political system of abuse with barbarian exploitation and state
brutality of society's most vulnerable to feed their insatiable greed,
ego, control issues and sickness.

A clear majority of traditional Irish republicans now demand the
resignation of both McGuinness and Adams immediately on the basis of
bringing their non-sectarian principles of liberty, equality and
fraternity into disrepute.

The Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen of 1789
defined Liberty as follows;

"Liberty consists of being able to do anything that does not harm
others: thus, the exercise of the natural rights of every man or woman
has no bounds other than those that guarantee other members of society
the enjoyment of these same rights."

Equality as defined by the 1789 Declaration as:

The law "must be the same for all, whether it protects or punishes.
All citizens, being equal in its eyes, shall be equally eligible to
all high offices, public positions and employments, according to their
ability, and without other distinction than that of their virtues and

Fraternity, "Man of all countries are brothers, him who oppress one
nation declares itself enemy of all."

Link to War Video

As requested, here are the lyrics in English and in Irish. I only sang two of the Irish verses:

O MY Dark Rosaleen,
Do not sigh, do not weep!
The priests are on the ocean green,
They march along the deep.
There 's wine from the royal Pope,
Upon the ocean green;
And Spanish ale shall give you hope,
My Dark Rosaleen!
My own Rosaleen!
Shall glad your heart, shall give you hope,
Shall give you health, and help, and hope,
My Dark Rosaleen!

Over hills, and thro' dales,
Have I roam'd for your sake;
All yesterday I sail'd with sails
On river and on lake.
The Erne, at its highest flood,
I dash'd across unseen,
For there was lightning in my blood,
My Dark Rosaleen!
My own Rosaleen!
O, there was lightning in my blood,
Red lightning lighten'd thro' my blood.
My Dark Rosaleen!

All day long, in unrest,
To and fro, do I move.
The very soul within my breast
Is wasted for you, love!
The heart in my bosom faints
To think of you, my Queen,
My life of life, my saint of saints,
My Dark Rosaleen!
My own Rosaleen!
To hear your sweet and sad complaints,
My life, my love, my saint of saints,
My Dark Rosaleen!

Woe and pain, pain and woe,
Are my lot, night and noon,
To see your bright face clouded so,
Like to the mournful moon.
But yet will I rear your throne
Again in golden sheen;
'Tis you shall reign, shall reign alone,
My Dark Rosaleen!

My own Rosaleen!
'Tis you shall have the golden throne,
'Tis you shall reign, and reign alone,
My Dark Rosaleen!
Over dews, over sands,
Will I fly, for your weal:
Your holy delicate white hands
Shall girdle me with steel.
At home, in your emerald bowers,
From morning's dawn till e'en,
You'll pray for me, my flower of flowers,
My Dark Rosaleen!
A Róisín, ná bíodh brón ort ná chás anois
tá do phárdún ó'n Róimh agus ó'n bPápa agat
tá na bráithre ag teacht thar
sáile agus ag tríall thar muir
'S ni ceilfear fíon Spáinneach ar mo Róisín Dubh

Tá grá agam i mo lár dhuit le blíain anois
grá cráite, grá cásmhar, grá ciapaithe
grá a d'fhág mé gan sláinte, gan rían, gan ruith
is go bráth, bráth, gan aon fháil a
leagadh ar mo Róisín Dubh

So...this song is quite different from anything of uploaded here! Many of you may not like this style as it is, one, in a different language, and two, acapella, but here goes anyway...
In honor of St. Patricks Day, only a month away, and in honor of my Irish roots and family, I've decided to put it up.
Here's a brief history lesson about Irealnd children ;)

Roisin Dubh (pronounced; row sheen dove) means Little Dark Rose or Dark Rosaleen in Gaelic. It's a traiditional Irish song that dates back to somewhere around the 16th-19th century and is one of Irelands most famous political songs. In a time where the Irish were not allowed to sing proud songs about their country, many songs arose that seemed to be about women or other subject matters, but were really a pseudonym for Ireland herself :)

My Dark Rosaleen is Ireland.

I hope you enjoy this bit of celtic flavor and if not, try not to be too harsh :) It is sung acapella as many Irish songs are traditionally sung. Enjoy!

Molly McColgan

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